Hi. I'm Adam.

I nabbed my domain so I had some place for people to find me. And it's cool to have all the @adamkoski.com email addresses I want.

So, about me. Well, I'm a Minnesotan by birth. I went to North Dakota State University for Computer Engineering. Things I've always enjoyed is coding and solving puzzles. And I currently live in San Francisco.


So at the end of Sophomore year of college, this guy with a rockin' beard asked for people interested in Android programming. Over the three years I was at Myriad Mobile, I helped it grow from just me to over 30 developers. There, I mainly make Android apps, but I also made some of the Content Management Systems after brushing up on PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. I've also been using Linux for most of my life so they all sit atop Ubuntu EC2 instances. I've even helped out with consulting and design work.

But there grew a need to get out and explore the world. One day I received an excellent opportunity from Prolific Interactive to come work here, in San Francisco, as a Senior Android Engineer.

I now work at Google out of the San Francisco office doing some intense engineering work. It's an amazing place and brilliant opportunity, and it has great free food!

The Internet

I'm all over the Internet but some notable accounts: Twitter, Facebook, BitBucket, GitHub, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow. Feel free to check them out.

Also, I took this site's theme from Matt Pennig; I hope he doesn't mind...